tisdag 3 augusti 2010

Uttalande på engelska om Gerardo Hernández

The Swedish Free the Five Committee is delighted by the news today that Gerardo Hernández was released from his unjust punishment and has been returned to the general prison population. It was the international solidarity movement that managed to get him out of "the hole".

Among the many expressions of solidarity to the cause, there is a letter sent by Swedish politicians to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which is reproduced below:

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Director Harley G. Lappin

It is our understanding that prisoner Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, #58739-004, has been put into "the hole" since July 21, despite having committed no infractions. His attorneys, who are in the midst of preparing an important habeas corpus appeal for him, have been denied proper access which would allow them to prepare that appeal. Additionally, he has been refused access to urgently needed medical attention.

This treatment of prisoner Hernández is inhumane and unwarranted, and comes on top of nearly twelve years of unjustly being denied visits by his wife, Adriana Pérez. Many of us who sign this letter have earlier appealed to Michelle Obama to help get a visa for Ms Pérez.

We now want to add our voices to others demanding that you immediately return Hernández to the general prison population, allow his attorneys proper access to him in order to prepare his appeal, and provide him with urgently needed medical attention.


Members of the Swedish Parliament Amineh Kakabaveh (Left Party), Siv Holma (Left Party), Lise-Lotte Olsson (Left Party), Jan Lindholm (Green Party), Jacob Johnson (Left Party), Torbjörn Björlund (Left Party)
Opposition leader Ann-Margarethe Livh, Stockholm municipality

We welcome this small victory, whose teaching is that the way to achieve freedom for the Cuban Five is the political pressure exerted by a jury of millions of citizens of the world.

The Cuban people's dignity will prevail!
They will return!

Swedish Free the Five Committee

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