fredag 17 september 2010

September 11th in Stockholm - "Inspiring the World"

A varied range of organizations joined ideas and efforts creating a whole day of activities under the slogan "Inspiring the World" this past September 11th. The initiative began with a heavy agenda, covering three forum-debates, 15 seminars and exhibition of eight films at the ABF building. The program appealed to a large number of attendees, mostly young, who listened with interest to different panelists delving on issues of current importance.

Although Sweden is presently dominated by news related to the forthcoming parliamentary elections, to be held on September 19th, this was not an obstacle for a large group of young people to assume the tasks that had emerged. So early in the morning, even before the ABF building opened its doors, a small crowd was present ready to start decorating the rooms and other areas of this site.

The first block of seminars included the workshop organized by the Swedish-Cuban Association and the Free the Five Committee, "America: terrorism and blockade. Cuba: health care and literacy". Cuban writer René Vázquez Díaz recounted aspects of the terrorist actions performed by the counterrevolutionary groups based in Miami, clarifying the task assumed by the Cuban Five to infiltrate these groups and thus defend the lives of many Cubans. Several participants were unaware of the details of the case, but through a dialogue with the exponent they learned how the human rights of these five heroes and their families are violated in the U.S. following this, Eva Björklund, editor of the Kuba magazine, delved into details of what it means for the Cuban people to resist the brutal blockade imposed by the U.S., and described the gestures of international solidarity generated from the island of Martí and Cuba's extraordinary contribution to development in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

At 16 hours, having completed the program in the ABF building, attendees still remained there, visiting the information tables of the convening organizations, buying books and exchanging opinions. Suddenly, the Uruguayan drums of the group “Rompiendo Lonjas” indicated that the time had come to initiate the following stage of the day. Carnival rhythms started a unique walk through the streets of Stockholm, calling the attention of passersby. The colorful flags and banners borne by the dancing crowd created an unusual detail to the urban landscape of the Swedish capital.

The walk culminated in the square Sergels Torg, decorated to start the demonstration called "In Defense of Humanity." The ornamentation radiated optimism by highlighting the rebellious decision of many Latin American countries to shape their own destiny, without interference or imperial mandates. Our complaint against U.S. military aggression in so many countries was also exhibited in the square, but without the filter of censorship from official media: The face of the new occupant of the White House, with the classic phrase, Yes we can, and then a long list of attacks again humanity. During two hours it was possible to attend to a political and cultural event, with speakers from some of the convening organizations, interspersed with performances by singers, dance groups, etc. By this way the third stage of this memorable day came to an end.

As night fell, many of those who made "Inspiring the world” possible, gathered in the neighborhood of Hornstull, at a party where happiness overcame fatigue after many hours of continuous work. We had accomplished the challenge to give this September 11th a connotation of optimism and hope that another world is possible. A cycle of activities characterized by a spirit of unity, that we hopefully will repeat another time at these northern latitudes.

With our active participation in all stages developed in the course of the day, the Free the Five Committee initiated the cycle of activities with which Stockholm adheres to the Vth International Campaign of Solidarity with the Cuban Five.

Free the Five Committee, Stockholm, Sweden

måndag 13 september 2010

Danny Glover talar inför 12-årsdagen av De Fems fängslande

Video från Internationella kommittén för De Fem,
audio på engelska, text på spanska:

(tittar ni riktigt noga så lär ni se en lastbil som kör runt på rondellen vid Sergels torg...)

måndag 6 september 2010

Den 12 september inleds den internationella kampanjen för De Fem!

ICAP inbjuder oss att delta i den nya internationella kampanjen för befrielse av De Fem kubanerna som inleds den 12 september,
i samband med 12-årsdagen av deras fängslande.

Följande video visar solidaritetsaktioner för De Fem runt om i världen,
däribland flera inslag från de aktioner som Svensk-kubanska föreningen och Kommittén Frige de Fem arrangerat i Stockholm: