torsdag 26 januari 2012

Essence, La Colmenita in the United States!

En dokumentär gjord av den kubanske filmaren Roberto Chile (textad på engelska).
Vi får följa den kubanska barnteatergruppen La Colmenitas senaste besök i USA!

"This newly released documentary follows the tour of La Colmenita, the national children's theater of Cuba, during their US tour last October. The 68 minute film is a beautiful testimony about what happened during 19 days of performances in schools, theaters and parks of these cities and shows the impact that this thoughtful expedition of love had on US audiences.

During the tour La Colmenita, that was declared a UNICEF Good Will Ambassador in 2007, performed two plays, La Cucarachita Martina and Abracadabra, a tale of the Cuban 5 from the perspective of Cuban children."

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